Top Signs That Plaster Ceiling Boards Need Replacement

One of the most common features in older houses is a plaster ceiling. The popularity can be attributed to durability and the ability to provide beautiful interior designs. Unfortunately, issues such as water leaks, cracks, and gravity compromise a plaster ceiling's structural integrity and make it look like a train wreck. Many homeowners opt to remove the plasterboards altogether when they see signs of deterioration. However, a simple replacement of the damaged part can restore your plaster ceiling's look. Read More 

Commercial Building Repairs: Three Critical Problems to Consider during Inspection

Commercial buildings are designed to ensure exceptional performance and longevity of the business space after construction. However, these structures are not infallible. In simple terms, the building can experience significant structural problems and failures due to issues such as harsh climatic conditions and poor initial construction. If the building is not repaired in time, the entire commercial structure could fall apart, and the safety of the occupants could be compromised. Therefore, you should perform regular inspections of your commercial buildings. Read More 

4 Useful Facts New Homeowners Should Know About Residential Underpinning Projects

Underpinning is the process of strengthening the foundation of a building to give it more of the stability needed to support the entire structure. For instance, a foundation can be weakened by factors such as cracks or subsidence of the earth below it. Most importantly, underpinning is a restorative process that is mostly done in old buildings, which prevents settling, sinking and leaning. Before engaging in an underpinning project, homeowners must understand factors such as the causes of foundation problems, the structure of the foundation, and its support mechanisms. Read More 

Wet Ceiling? 5 Tips for Repairing a Ceiling That Is Damaged by a Water Leak

If a bathtub, toilet, shower or other water source is leaking into the ceiling of the room below, you may be wondering what you need to do. The good news is that it is a relatively easy repair, but to ensure that the damage is repaired correctly, you may want to review the following tips. 1. Don't Ignore a Spot That Disappears In many cases, if water is leaking from an upper floor bathroom, you may see a water spot on the ceiling only occasionally. Read More 

Concrete Cancer: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

If you own a building which contains reinforced concrete, it is important you understand the risk posed by concrete cancer. Steel bars are used to reinforce concrete structures. Concrete cancer occurs when the steel bars buried within the concrete begin to rust. As it rusts, the steel begins to expand and damage the concrete, causing it to break apart. Concrete cancer is a very serious problem, which can undermine the structural integrity of a building. Read More