Wet Ceiling? 5 Tips for Repairing a Ceiling That Is Damaged by a Water Leak

If a bathtub, toilet, shower or other water source is leaking into the ceiling of the room below, you may be wondering what you need to do. The good news is that it is a relatively easy repair, but to ensure that the damage is repaired correctly, you may want to review the following tips.

1. Don't Ignore a Spot That Disappears

In many cases, if water is leaking from an upper floor bathroom, you may see a water spot on the ceiling only occasionally. The spot may appear and disappear without explanation. If you see that happening, do not ignore it.

That usually means that you have a leak in a drain pipe, and as a result, the moisture only appears on the ceiling when you drain the sink, flush the toilet or what have you. There will only be a permanent wet spot in cases where the leak is in one of the pressurised pipes leading up to that toilet.

2. Repair the Plumbing First

Whether the ceiling damage appears to be permanent or intermittent, don't repair it, without addressing the plumbing issue. Make sure that you identify the source of the leak and fix that first. If you don't do that, you will end up repairing your ceiling repeatedly, and the damage could become worse.

3. Remember the Plumbing Issue May Not Be Next to the Moisture

When you try to identify the plumbing issue, you can start by cutting a hole in your ceiling to see if the leak is there. In many cases, the leak will be right there, and you can repair the leak and the ceiling all at once.

Don't' be surprised, however, if you don't discover a leak right there. In some cases, the leak starts in one area and the drips migrate to another area.

4. Buy More Than One Ceiling Patch

Typically, you can repair a water damaged ceiling with a patch kit made for use with gypsum ceilings. Note that if the damage is in a different area than the leak, you will need at least two patching kits. That way, you can replace the water bit of damaged ceiling, and you will also have leftover materials to repair the ceiling where you cut in to access the broken plumbing.

5. Beware of Showers

Finally, before you start doing anything, be aware that you may release some water. In some cases, the water pools in the ceiling, and when you cut through the gypsum, you may be faced with a deluge of water.

For more help, contact a ceiling repair professional.