Have you checked the condition of your steel beams?

Metal beams are a vital structural feature of many properties. They may be used to create an internal frame, or perhaps to support a part of the roof or the floor. While metal is strong and resilient, there may come a time when the steel beams will start to show some signs of wear. While it can be tempting to think that the steel beams are strong enough to withstand a little corrosion without too much concern, you must maintain a proper maintenance regime and take good care of your beams. Read More 

Top Signs That Plaster Ceiling Boards Need Replacement

One of the most common features in older houses is a plaster ceiling. The popularity can be attributed to durability and the ability to provide beautiful interior designs. Unfortunately, issues such as water leaks, cracks, and gravity compromise a plaster ceiling's structural integrity and make it look like a train wreck. Many homeowners opt to remove the plasterboards altogether when they see signs of deterioration. However, a simple replacement of the damaged part can restore your plaster ceiling's look. Read More