Different Basement Waterproofing Systems That Can Be Used In Your Home

Without proper basement waterproofing systems in place, your home becomes susceptible to water leaking into the foundation of your residence. Over time, your foundation stops being structurally sound and this will compromise the entire structural integrity of the building. In extreme cases, water damage remediation may not even be able to salvage your property. As such, it is crucial to enlist the services of waterproofing contractors to ensure that your basement stays free of moisture at all times. Read More 

The Ultimate Spring Cleaning List: The Roof Edition

There is everything to love about spring as the days slowly closes in. The temperatures are slowly warming up, and the flowers are blooming. It's the downhill slope into beach days and summer nights you are looking forward to. But before the elegant affairs of spring carnival, have you heard of spring cleaning: the roof edition? The winter was especially unforgiving to your roof and to make sure that your home is ready for the rising temperatures, you must give this crucial part of your home the attention it demands. Read More 

4 Tips to Getting Many Years out of Your Concrete Driveway Repair Work

Many people may argue that a cracked concrete driveway is an inevitable part of life. However, that does not mean that you cannot get many years out of a good repair job. Cracks can be caused by weather elements such as the sun and rain, which expand and contract the concrete surface, making it crack over time. Other factors that may crack the driveway concrete include the weight of the vehicles passing above the surface and corrosion caused by chemicals in storm water runoff. Read More 

Different Ways to Use Natural Stone in the Exterior of Your Home

Natural stone, such as granite, marble, travertine, and limestone, is beautiful, vibrant, and doesn't go through any harsh chemical processes. It is an excellent option for adding more d├ęcor to your home, but not just inside. Here are some different ways to use it outside your home as well. Outdoor Fireplace While many homes have indoor fireplaces that are made of stone, don't forget about an outdoor fireplace! This can really bring an outdoor living room together. Read More 

Ensuring your house is well set up for limited mobility

After a serious accident or amputation, many people face additional challenges with moving around their home. Here are some ways that a house can be modified after an accident to help with movement instability.  Non-slip surfaces After an accident, many patients are nervous about having subsequent falls. Coating hard flooring can help create an easier grip surface and help to prevent slipping and falling. This can be particularly useful in the 'wet areas' such as kitchen and bathroom where spills are more likely, as well as entrance ways where visitors and residents might trek in water on a wet or dewy day. Read More