How to Prepare Your Home for Professional Carpet Cleaning

You need to have your carpets cleaned by professional carpet cleaners at least once each year. This deep cleaning by professionals helps to get rid of all the dirt that the vacuum cleaner could not remove during the routine cleaning sessions that you perform. This article discusses some measures that you can take to prepare your home before the carpet cleaners come.


Some carpet cleaning companies may include vacuuming on the list of the tasks that they will perform once they come to deep clean the carpets in your home. Others may not include that service. Find out whether it is your responsibility to vacuum the carpets before the cleaners arrive. Take your time when vacuuming the carpets. This will allow you to limit how much dust will be airborne as the cleaners are working.

Identify Problem Spots

It is necessary for you to identify the spots where the professional carpet cleaners need to pay special attention. For instance, a section of the carpet may have an odor that has persisted. Another spot may have shrunk during a previous cleaning session. Identifying those spots early will enable you to bring them to the attention of the carpet cleaners so that they design an appropriate method of dealing with that problem spot early. These problem spots can be identified while you are vacuuming the carpets before the arrival of the cleaners.

Move the Furniture

Different carpet cleaning contracts handle the issue of moving furniture differently. For instance, some homeowners may undertake to move the furniture in order to reduce the overall cost of professional carpet cleaning. In such a case, you need to get help from friends or family members so that you move all the furniture in time. This measure will prevent the furniture from being damaged as you move it in a rush when the cleaners arrive.

You may still have some work to do even if the cleaners will be responsible for moving the furniture. You can remove toys, drapes touching the floor and any other light objects that may get in the way of the carpet cleaners.

You will reduce the chance that any problem will develop as your carpets are cleaned if you take care of the preparatory steps above. Do not hesitate to contact the professional carpet cleaners for assistance in case any of the preparatory steps above turns out to be harder to perform than you had earlier thought.