Answers To 5 Top Carpet Cleaning Questions

Professional carpet cleaning can give your carpets a longer life while ensuring that they look nice. Learn the answers to some of the most common carpet cleaning questions so that you can be prepared for the process.

1. Is Carpet Cleaning Child And Pet Safe?

Carpet cleaning services typically use non-toxic cleaners that will not affect your family's or pet's health. Some even offer eco-friendly options, as well. To be safe, always ask the service what non-toxic cleaning options are available. Let them know that there are children and pets in the home so that there are no concerns about anyone's health.

2. What Does Cleaning Remove?

Professional cleaning removes more than just built-up dirt and grime. Professional equipment is designed to agitate the carpet to help lift dirt to the surface. Then the shampooing is completed, sometimes with the aid of steam heat. Finally, a full extraction is done to remove excess moisture and any remaining residue. This process removes stains, including stubborn ones from things like wine or pet urine. It also deodorizes the carpet so that any troublesome odours are removed.

3. How Long Does The Process Take?

The actual cleaning doesn't take too long, typically just a couple of hours depending on the amount of carpeting in your home. More time is needed for the carpets to dry, as walking on them too soon can soil the damp fibres. Fortunately, the cleaning crew will use industrial-grade moisture extractors to help speed the process, so the carpets will likely dry within a few hours. Generally, the carpets should be safe to walk on by the next day.

4. Will The Carpet Get Dirty Again Quickly?

One concern is that a clean carpet will show soil more easily so that it seems like it gets dirty more quickly. You can avoid this concern by asking your cleaners to use a protectant. A protectant is applied after cleaning. It bonds to the fibres and creates a barrier so soil and dirt can't be absorbed. The protectant prevents stains and grime from becoming an issue, which prolongs the time required between cleanings.

5. Are Then Any Preparation Requirements?

Very little preparation is needed for carpet cleaning. You will need to clear the room of furniture and rugs so that the cleaners can access all of the carpets, but that's typically the only requirement. Your cleaners will vacuum and do stain pre-treatments before beginning the main cleaning process.

Contact a carpet cleaning service if you have any further questions.