Why A Stainless Steel Repair Clamp Is A Good Investment In Your Stainless Steel Water Pipes

Stainless steel piping is used in a wide range of applications including gas pipes, water pipes and pipes used to process petrochemical fluids. When untimely pipe damage demands a quick solution, you should be equipped with the right repair clamps. There are several types of metal repair clamps being sold on the market right now. If your residential or commercial water piping is made of stainless steel, here's why you should invest in a stainless steel repair clamp.

Robust construction

Repairing stainless steel piping calls for heavy-duty tools that can repair even the most rigid of pipes. The sturdy construction of the repair clamps makes it possible to apply just the right amount of pressure using the gauge to fix a broken pipe. Usually, the joints in the repair clamps have superior welds like the MIG-type welds, which reinforces the strength of the clamps.

All you need to do is know the type of pipe damaged, specify its circumference and then firmly clutch onto the damaged section with the clamping jaws. This will help you quickly restore the pipe's initial alignment with minimal physical effort required to perform the clamping action.

Corrosion resistance

The gasket in the repair clamp is designed to uniformly overlap onto the rough surface of a corroded water pipe. The gaskets normally have a waffle-type seal to make sure the affected pipe is optimally sealed so that no further corrosion may take place. But there is another type of corrosion that may occur when you are repairing stainless steel pipes with metal clamps: galvanic corrosion. With tapered repair clamps, your water pipes will be protected against this kind of corrosion.

Easy installation

Stainless steel repair clamps are easy to install so they can save you time when you're fixing a damaged water pipe. They can be secured on the water pipe using carriage nuts and captive bolts to ensure quick, but effective installation. The locking and armour plates are also designed to allow for simple installation. This way, you can immediately repair your water pipes before the problem can worsen and result in costlier damage.

Stainless steel water pipes are revered for their strength and durability. Whenever they suffer some damage, they will need to be repaired using tools that are up to the task. Making sure to have a repair clamp made of stainless steel would be a great way to meet the demands of your damaged water pipes.