Different Ways to Use Natural Stone in the Exterior of Your Home

Natural stone, such as granite, marble, travertine, and limestone, is beautiful, vibrant, and doesn't go through any harsh chemical processes. It is an excellent option for adding more décor to your home, but not just inside. Here are some different ways to use it outside your home as well.

Outdoor Fireplace

While many homes have indoor fireplaces that are made of stone, don't forget about an outdoor fireplace! This can really bring an outdoor living room together. Fireplaces that are built outdoors can be large and part of an entire custom space, or simply a small one at one end of your patio. The natural stone adds a warm and cozy appeal to the exterior space, while making it appear more high-end than if you chose to use brick or other materials. The stone will also be very durable and handle different weather conditions, so your fireplace will hold up for a long time. You can have a stonemason make the fireplace as a custom piece to fit perfectly in your outdoor space.

Add a Ledge

If you want some extra seating in your backyard, why not add a ledge? This can also be custom-made according to the amount of space you need and what size of area you are working with. It can simply be a long and straight ledge at the end of your patio where guests can sit and enjoy a barbecue, or you can have the ledge built in more of a rounded half-moon shape and be set around your pool deck. There are endless possibilities here, even in choosing the height of the ledge and the types of stone you want to use.

Lay Down Stone Steps

You can create a pathway anywhere outside your home by using stone pavers. You can either purchase the pavers already cut, or take natural stone and cut them yourself. Another option is to have a stonemason cut them for you. They specialise in this type of work, so you will end up with a flawless result. Either way you go, steps made of natural stone are very durable and long-lasting, and look wonderful in the front or backyard. Use them to create a paved walkway leading up to your front door or have steps in your backyard so people can walk across the lawn to see your garden.

Keep in mind you can also use stone for installing a new patio or driveway outside your home. Talk to a stone contractor or stonemason to discuss other options available.