Ensuring your house is well set up for limited mobility

After a serious accident or amputation, many people face additional challenges with moving around their home. Here are some ways that a house can be modified after an accident to help with movement instability. 

Non-slip surfaces

After an accident, many patients are nervous about having subsequent falls. Coating hard flooring can help create an easier grip surface and help to prevent slipping and falling. This can be particularly useful in the 'wet areas' such as kitchen and bathroom where spills are more likely, as well as entrance ways where visitors and residents might trek in water on a wet or dewy day. These can either be applied as a permanent coating or temporary sticky on rugs depending on the extent and expected duration of the instability. 

Grab bars

If someone is struggling with stamina it can often be useful to have grab bars to help them rest and get extra support during normal activities. Some activities that can be particularly tiring including walking down a long hallway as well as standing up after a sit on the toilet. Grab bars are easy to install and can help people gain confidence with these normal tasks as they regain their strength after an accident. 

Emergency buttons

One of the concerns for many doctors and family members when considering the ability of the patient to live independently is what will happen if they have an accident. It can be easy to install emergency buttons around the house in easy to access position such as by the bedside, as well as offering the patient a 'necklace' button that they can wear around the house and activate as required. 

Chair lifts

Even if the patient is not usually confined to a wheelchair or walker, a steep set of stairs can be hard to navigate after a long and tiring day. If the patient is heading back to a multi-storey house, getting a stair chair lift can be a great way to ensure that they can always access upper storeys as required.  This can be particularly important if the bedrooms and bathroom are on the upper storeys of the home. 

If a friend or family member is looking to return home after a serious accident, it can be useful to get some advice from a home modification service with occupational therapy services. They can help to design an appropriate service to meet your loved one's needs.